Best West Car Removal Company, stationed in Perth WA is a leading car and truck removal service provider specializing in procuring commercial cars no matter what condition they are in. Realizing your car’s worth might increase after being scrapped, we are home to a team of specialists who are well versed with the technicalities of breaking up a vehicle for reprocessing, recycling and reselling. Best West Cash For Cars in Perth hold pride in being one of the trusted partners offering premier car wrecking and dismantling services giving your car its maximum value.

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We Can Help You With The Following

  • Same Day Car Removal Last Minute
  • Speedy vehicle Removal
  • Scrap Vehicle Removal
  • Used Vehicle Removal
  • Unwanted Ute Removal
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  • Instant cash payment on the spot
  • Completely free vehicle towing
  • Certified and accredited car wreckers and towing company
  • Free junk car removal in and areas around Perth
  • Acquire vehicles of each make, model, condition and age
Car Recycling

TRUSTED CAR REMOVAL COMPANY IN PERTH! Selling Scrap Cars For Cash doesn’t Get Simpler Than This


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  • Finally a company that pays attention to detail and saves from the harassment

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    WISE WORDS! What Our Clients Have to Say for Us WISE WORDS! What Our Clients Have to Say for Us WISE WORDS! What Our Clients Have to Say for Us WISE WORDS! What Our Clients Have to Say for Us WISE WORDS! What Our Clients Have to Say for Us


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An auto removal company provides same-day car removal, scrap vehicle removal, or unwanted or used vehicle removal. These companies buy unwanted cars and collect them at no extra charge.
If you have a damaged vehicle, scrap metal, or hard-to-sell automobile, getting the service of cash for cars company in Perth is one good way of turning your old and unused vehicle into easy cash.
A cash for cars service is an excellent way to earn extra money for a used and unwanted vehicle. Selling your vehicle to a scrap car removal company is more convenient than taking it to the dealership. Aside from having the company pick up the car, it is zero hassle because you save yourself from all the haggling.
Trusted service providers like Best West Car Removal give you an accurate quote for your vehicle. Getting a trusted partner in Perth is one good way of ensuring your old scrap doesn't become an environmental nuisance. In addition, these removal experts are trained to comply with the local council's existing government laws and mandates.
There are many ways to determine if an auto removal service provider is reputable. One is that they always stick with their original offer and never try to get the best of their customers. If you experience getting a quote and the company suddenly attempted to lower the price when picking up the vehicle, chances are you have the wrong company.
There are also specific signs to look out for, including their licensing, insurance, and local physical address. Additionally, reputable auto removal service providers grow their business through word-of-mouth advertisement. You'll sometimes hear their names from your friends, coworkers, or acquaintances.
The valuation of your vehicle depends on its make, model, and year. We'll also need to check the mileage and overall condition to see if it's in good working condition. Generally, you can call our customer service at 0422 565 628 to get a no-obligation valuation.
However, the estimate is based on salvageable parts if you have a scrap vehicle. None working components, and the scrap metal chassis will be priced based on its current market value. Take your vehicle to Best West Car Removal to get higher than market-value offers.
Upon accepting our cash offer, you can book your car removal free. We always value your time so that you can choose a convenient time and date. We will collect the vehicle on time and give you the money upon pickup.
Our team will go to your location with a tow truck and collect your used or damaged car in less than 30 minutes. Don't worry if your old scrap doesn't have wheels or missing parts, and our professional team is experienced in collecting damaged cars without affecting your garage or damaging your lawn.
Yes. We can pick up both cars at the same time. Tell us how many cars you have for sale, and we'll have our tow truck at your doors. Regardless of your number of cars, Best West Car Removal has the right team to accomplish the task without complications. We have all the machines and workforce needed to handle any number of vehicle removal at the same time.
We usually do not require proof of ownership if the vehicle is worn out and quoted as scrap metal. However, there are instances when we will need proof of ownership. Please verify with our customer service when getting an estimate to prevent any hassles during pickup.