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Car Wreckers Perth – Free Wrecking and Dismantling For Auto Parts


Best West Car Removal and wrecking company in Perth offers hassle-free and convenient way to get your vehicle wrecked. As your trusted car wrecking service provider, our professionals know what they are doing and the gears and equipments to use for performing their job further ensuring high value for your vehicle.

Car Wreckers Perth

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Why Choose Our Auto Wrecking Services?

Apart from getting the top Cash amount for your old, rusted vehicle and Free car removals anywhere in Perth, you are also taking a step towards a better and cleaner environment by selling your car to us. Our Car Wreckers are well-equipped and trained in dismantling and disposing of any vehicle without causing a tiny bit of harm to the ecosystem.

Best West Car Removals are your reliable Commercial Auto Wreckers that recycle each part of your old vehicle and saving it from becoming a landfill. Our experts carefully analyze every bit of your engine and the rest of the car. They separate usable parts from the vehicle to sell it online, and the remaining automobile and its metal are disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. This is why we can provide high cash quotes to all our customers. We sell Used Car Parts in Perth at affordable rates.

How Can You Sell Your Old Vehicles To Our Car Wreckers?

Selling scrap cars to our Commercial Auto Wreckers has never been easier. You have to dial our number and then sit back and relax! We will do the rest of the hassle for you. Our team is equipped with the tow trucks and required machinery to remove multiple vehicles in a single go, so if you have more than one junk car on your premises, you can have them all removed today! Just follow these steps:

  1. Call 0422 565 628 and provide accurate details of your vehicle like its make, model, year of manufacture, odometer reading, type of damage, etc., and someone from our team will get back to you with a top cash quote within minutes. Our quotes are entirely obligation-free.
  2. Once you accept our quote, book an appointment with our team to remove your old vehicle. We do provide same-day and free car removal Perth services.
  3. Remove your car’s number plate and keep the driver’s license and your vehicle’s registration ready for a smooth removal process. We will take care of the essential paperwork, so you only need to sign them. After a quick inspection of your vehicle, we will transfer the quoted amount to you and tow away your car.

This is the simplest method to sell your old vehicle and earn top dollar. We sell Used Car Parts In Perth as well, which are in excellent condition that too, budget-friendly rates!


Our wrecking services include cars parts of all makes and models including but not restricted to Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Mazda, Holden, Lexus, Suzuki, Audi and Mercedes Benz. During the car wrecking process, we assemble well functional and useful parts from both exterior and interior and deliver them to the clients at pocket-friendly prices. Contact us today and check our free wrecking services for Auto Parts.


Following an eco-friendly approach, we recycle and recondition your car making the process ecologically 100% auto disposal. Whether it is the car parts, metals, and the steel, we recycle them into new parts, metal, and steel. We ensure that minimal parts go wasted along with resources used less through the recycled products. We do not have branches but automotive wreckers Sydney offers a selection of used car parts for sale

With our professional Car Wrecking services, you can be guaranteed of availing true value out of your unwanted and wasted car in Perth. All you need to do is complete our “Instant Quote” form or give us a call at:

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