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When your car has worn out, it might still be of a good worth and recycling can prove to be a lucrative option. Whilst your car may no longer be fit for a drive on the road, it might still be of value to car dealers because of the metal and functional car parts.

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Regardless of your car’s condition, its brand, make and model, we ensure of procuring it at best industry prices and extract the functional parts.


Following the green principals of Auto recycling, Best West Car Removal recycling techniques are considered to be green service. Courtesy these policies, we get the best value for the vehicles we recycle. We work towards recycling 100% vehicle and the left over that can’t be recycled is disposed of. We can be considered as the recycler that works towards leaving minimal impact on the environment.


We are home to seasoned, skilled and certified professionals who take care of the vehicle and environment with car disposal and recycling procedures including air conditioner degassing, scrap metal processing, oil disposal, ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling and lot more. In case you fare in quest for a professional and reliable car recyclist offering high quality cash for car services, look no further. Get an instant quote after dropping the vehicle details and receive cash in return.

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Impact of Proper Car Recycling to the Environment

When done correctly, proper car recycling, just like how Best West Car Removal do it, can benefit the environment. Apart from the cash you get, there are more advantages to selling or recycling old vehicles. 

These include:

Preventing Chemical Leaks

Chemical leaks are not only a hazard to the environment. More importantly, they’re a hazard to your health and safety. When you sell your car to us, we ensure that we handle everything safely and correctly. We’re trained to dispose of vehicles and recycle their batteries in a way that prevents lead and sulphuric acid leakage. Both of which can be harmful to humans and animals alike.

Lowering Greenhouse Gas Emissions

By recycling old and unwanted cars, we can effectively reduce our consumption of natural resources. In doing so, we limit the use of fossil fuels that can effectively increase the earth’s carbon dioxide content and promote global warming. As a result, we decrease our carbon footprint and significantly create a positive impact on the environment.

Creating a Positive Economic Impact

More than its environmental perks, selling your cars can also have a massive economic impact. It’s a cost-efficient approach to ensure the survival of both local and international businesses, especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. 

With the availability of recycled materials, we can supply companies with the needed parts, effectively cutting down their costs on production. As a result, consumers can also benefit from more affordable products.

To make sure you creating positive environmental impact to the environment, hire only service providers that do know the process of proper car disposal and recycling such as Best West Car Removal. Call us right away at 0422 565 628.

Frequently Asked Questions

To know more about selling cars, we’ve compiled a short list of common questions many people have about what we do. Take a look at what they are below.

How Much of the Car is Being Recycled?

Around 95% of the scrapped car is being recycled. Every vehicle has over 30,000 different parts, from the most miniscule screws to the most significant engine. To recycle 95% of its components, we needed to take our time and use our knowledge, experience, and expertise to properly reuse and recover the recyclable parts. 

Some of the most reusable car parts include: 

Since car wastes are a significant contributor to local landfills, we must do our part and recycle as many of the pieces as we can. Doing so can lessen the negative environmental impact and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

What Happens to a Recycled Car?

When a car is sold to us, we usually evaluate the condition of the vehicle and see which parts can be salvaged for reuse. Then after obtaining the parts that we want, we shred the car. The components (i.e., metal, plastic, glass, etc.) are then segregated into different sections for proper recycling. 

Among the different car parts, metal is one of the most integral components of this process. The metal that we shred and recycle can be reused for numerous purposes. Because of this, we can reduce the need to mine new ore. Likewise, we can reduce the energy we use to manufacture new metals. 

Besides that, other parts of the car, such as the oil, batteries, and tires, are put to better use so that they don’t pollute the environment. Batteries, for instance, can be 100% recycled to create new batteries. Similarly, recycled tires can be transformed into more functional objects, such as insulation blocks, UTE mats, road surfacing solutions, compost bins, and vegetable planters. 

So while an unwanted car is no longer of use to you, it can be of use to a many other things.

Do You Recycle Cars Responsibly?

Yes, we make sure to follow industry standards when it comes to recycling all types of vehicles. In addition, we make sure to handle every car sold to us with care and avoid improper use of the car parts. In doing so, we guarantee that we contribute to improving the environment and the economy.

How Do You Benefit from Your Unwanted Cars?

To get the most out of your unwanted cars, you need to find the best west car removal company that can give you a top cash quote with professional car removal services. 

Best West Car Removal is committed to offering you the best cash quote for your vehicle. Likewise, we guarantee to provide you with the best recycling services to ensure that your unwanted or preloved cars are put to better use.

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